What we believe in

Buying a home is one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make and you want to be confident in the credentials of those who help you to achieve this.

Tandem Living is part of a housing charity and it is vitally important to us that we share its high values and firm ethical stance.

We believe in:

  • Strong and innovative design, maximising living space on the inside and remaining sympathetic to neighbouring buildings and the environment on the outside.
  • Building homes which use heat, light and water efficiently, helping to keep running costs as low as possible and conserve our natural resources.
  • Building homes that encourage people to take pride in where they live, creating a caring and prosperous community.
  • Using quality local suppliers, contractors and materials wherever practical to do so, in order to support training and employment, keep investment within the area and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Looking after our customers when the builders have left, to make sure they remain happy in their new home.
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